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Welcome to my site!

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Hey! I'm Andrea, I go to St Lawrence College!!

Me and Adam Gregory
Carp Fair! Best day EVER!

On this site I will update you on stuff going on in my life, things I enjoy. I will have pics of my friends, etc.

I went to see the moffatts! i got to hug Clint TWICE!!! and bob once!! and i got my picture taken with clint, bob and scott, and one of jus me and clint!!

Pam and I went to Riverside Jam, oh what fun!all the boys, and the adam gregory!!! oh baby oh baby

ok, well apparently there are some people that dont know that Andy and I broke up!. lol its old news now! and no were are not getting back together, or anything like that!



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What's New?

moved out of the tainted apartment! Moe moves in soon!! woohoo

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